How to pay for this website

This site is currently being developed and I do not expect any payment for the site in this condition — please, if you find anything of interest, you’re welcome to use it — ignore the rest of this page.

This website (book) is an experiment — I’ve written it, I’ve drawn the pictures, I’ve invested my time and effort in producing it, I’ve bought the fonts, I’ve paid for it to be hosted and I’ve enjoyed doing all of this (well the paying less so — I am after all a Yorkshireman†1).

I wanted to produce something that had a certain quality to it, the sort of quality that would be present in a printed book. There are a great many websites that look good (graphically) and there are a great number that explain to the nth degree how something works (and generally these don’t look so good).

This, I hope, is a good compromise; I hope I’ve explained things well and that I have created a site that is pleasing to the eye, is easy to navigate and, in short, has all the qualities you would expect in a printed book — I hope it is something you find agreeable and useful and worthy of your time.

Now you haven’t bought a book, you’ve just been looking at a website (this website) and that’s fine — have a good look around — see if you find it useful, I hope you do.

But that doesn’t mean it’s free. If you like the website, if you do find it useful, if you download it, strip out the bits you don’t want and use the rest; all well and good — I want you to use it and learn from it; but I also want you to support it.

“How do I do that?” You ask — well that bit is easy, you can:

  1. Make a donation (I suggest £2-£15 though anything is welcome) — donate the amount that best reflects your appreciation of the site:

  1. Tell other people (free) — I can’t say this is as good as the other option but exposure is better than nothing.

  • There is no advertising on this website and I don’t want there to be. Please take the points above seriously; I’ve done my bit in producing the website, I like to think you will do your bit too by supporting it — enough said.

Michael Gledhill
October 2016

†1 someone once said that “Yorkshiremen are like Scotsmen, only not quite so generous”
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