7Website preliminaries


The website folders

To make it easy, I’ve put a zipped copy of the empty folder structure on the website; you can get it here: a

It contains all the folders and two empty files index.html and style.css.

It also contains one third party file called normalise.css and we’ll come to this shortly (§ 7.2).

The whole thing looks like Figure 7.1.

The root folder can be called whatever you want, in my case I’ve called it 1001-website; when we open this thing in Brackets, it’s this root folder that we’re going to open—Brackets will do the rest.

Unzip the file and copy the contents to wherever you want them on your machine, in my case it is a directory called 1001-website.

Figure 7.1 - Empty folder structure
Figure 7.1   Empty folder structure a

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