3Grids, fonts, columns and responsive design


A summary of website layout and font size

These are the conclusions of all of the discussion about grid layouts, line spacing, point size (boy, did I do that one to death), line length and everything else I’ve been banging on about in the previous sections.

Here they are:

  1. The website will have a maximum width of 1276 pixels

  2. The website will be based upon the Gerstner grid

  3. The website will have a wide central column (748 pixels) for the main body content

  4. The website will have two narrow sidebar columns (220 pixels) one on the left and one on the right for notes and asides

  5. Columns will be separated by a gap of 44 pixels

  6. The website will use the Equity font set

  7. The main body text of the document will have a font size of 24 pixels

  8. The main body text will have a line spacing of 135%

That’s it, eight conclusions after seven and a half thousand words.

End flourish image